Berkshire Equestrian Center


Prices & Policies Are Subject To Change

Upon A 30-Day Notice




A La Carte, Self-Care, Dry Board, “BEC BOARD,” allows Owners/Boarders to choose from our available resource to create an affordable stay at the finest Berkshire equestrian facility.  BEC BOARD provides BEC/BMV the flexibility to regulate supply and demand for our premium resources while offering lower cost options to attract new Owners/Boarders to BEC/BMV.  


By creating firm payment policies and procedures, plus structuring Owner’s/Boarder’s expectations through the express presentation of BEC’s/BMV’s deliverables, BEC BOARD can cost-effectively offer its resources to the satisfaction of both Parties




BEC/BMV accepts payments for board, supplies and services in cash, personal check made out to BEC/BMV, and credit card – Visa  / Master Card / Discover / American Express.  Regardless whether an Owner/Boarder plans to pay by credit card, the Owner/Boarder must provide a credit card to be securely on file.


Monthly BEC BOARD payments due are made in advance on the first of every month. 

Missed payments will be charged on the Owner’s/Boarder’s credit card immediately, or taken from a cash deposit which must be created in lieu of presenting a credit card.


Payments, other than month BEC BOARD, are made by cash, check, or credit card the day of service or purchase.  If the Owner/Boarder is not present to make the payment, BEC/BMV charges the Owner’s/Boarder’s credit card or deposit.




STABLES/ARENAS: 6:00 am - 9:00 p.m. - unless there is another scheduled event

PADDOCKS:  Owner’s/Boarder’s discretion during Stable Hours. 

24/7 with run-ins sheds

BEC/BMV Business Office:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. unless a scheduled appointment. 

LOAD IN/OUT:  Bus. hrs. preferred;  Stable /Arena hrs next.  Special hrs by appointment 




All boarders must sign and comply with BEC’S/BMV’s Agreement which is monthly unless otherwise determined.  



Basic, A La Carte, Self-Care, Dry Board Rental includes a dry stall in the barn selected, use of the small indoor arena, and the outdoor arena plus a locker or area for equipment.  One footlocker is allowed per stall rental which must be kept in the designated area for each barn. Other than blankets/halter/lead on stalls doors, no other equipment can be in an aisle.


The Owner/Boarder must rent 1 Basic Self Care Dry Board Stall per horse.


Main Barn stalls are available on a seniority basis once a boarder is in either the L or Pony Barns for one month trial period, or comes recommended by a licensed trainer,

other recommendation or credentials  


L Barn and Pony Barn facilities are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Moves

from stall to stall within these barns or from barn to barn is on an availability… then seniority basis. 


In moving, boarders must leave their existing stall and locker, if any, in an immaculate condition.  Otherwise, the move will be nullified


BEC/BMV reserves the right to keep stall/s open for a future commitment/s.




Only one horse per stall is allowed, except for broodmares with foal up to 5 months.


Stalls must be cleaned once every 24 hours or BEC/BMV will do it for $25 Fee.  Dirty bedding is to be placed in buckets which are then placed in a nearby location, determined by BEC/BMV.  Thereafter BEC/BMV will cart the dirty bedding away on an as-needed basis. BEC/BMV prefers that boarders use pellets for bedding, or pellets in combination with shaving in order to reduce excess waste in its dump site.


Main Barn -- Aisle 1 & Isle 2. -- Stall size, proximity to indoor and outdoor, bathroom, lockers, upper loft for trunk, closer parking etc

    Aisle 1 --         $450/month

    Aisle 2 --         $400/month


L Barn -- Tack room, stall construction, sliding stall doors, storage,

   One Stall --       $350/month

   Add'l Stall --     $325/month (per Owner/Boarder)   Does not include foaling stall.

   Foal Stall --      $450 (Never discounted.)

   Whole Barn --   $3000 vs. $3250 if rented by 9 individuals - Requires 1 Payer & Lease


I (Pony) Barn   -- Standalone, no tack room, limited storage.

    One Stall --       $275

    Add'l Stall --     $250 (per same Owner/Boarder) Does not include foaling stall.  

    Foal Stall --       $375 (Never Discounted.)

    Whole Barn --   $1000 vs. $1200 if rented by 4 individuals - Requires 1 Payer & Lease


BEC/BMV has developed a package price which includes a boarder’s chosen stall, a paddock without a run-in shed, and use of all facilities.  The package fee is determined by adding $100 to the stall rate. Therefore a $450 / month stall will be $550 for non-exclusive use of the entire facility.  Boarders with run-in paddocks have to add $60 to determine their monthly rental.



Small indoor and outdoor arena        $  00 / month, non-exclusive use is included in dry stall fee.

Large Indoor Arena                           $100 / month per stall


Other Viewing Room and Grand Prix Suite functions are extra fees managed by The Inn


Availability:  6 a.m.-9 p.m.  This time is subject to interruption for other scheduled events such as clinics, shows and/or emergencies or "good neighbor" favors such as storing loaded hay wagons to protect hay from the rain. 




Owner/Boarder must have a stall rental per horse to rent any paddock option.

Owner/Boarder cannot just board in a paddock.


Multiple horses may share a paddock


The following prices are for a la carte rentals

which are not a part of a package price.



Standard       $  90/month  (Includes all paddocks without a run-in shed)

Run-In          $150/month   (Allows 24/ 7 overnights / saves shavings)


Paddocks will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis.  

The size of and the number of horses per paddock is ultimately determined by BEC/BMV.


We cannot divide some of our paddocks so all horses have potential shed access.

Paddocks must be picked twice (2 times) weekly, weather permitting. Optionally, if requested BEC/BMV will pick it $25 per scheduled pick (2 picks per week)

If BEC/BMV has to pick and or drag it due to not picking the paddock 2 x   $50. 




Blanketing their horse/s is the Owner’s/Boarder’s choice and responsibility, as is the use with fly sheets and face screens. 


The boarder is also responsible for turn-out and turn-in.  Overnights in paddocks with or without run-in shelters are okay by BEC/BMV, subject to extreme weather.  However, such overnights may not be so with MSPCA regardless of the weather.




As a convenience, BEC/BMV may offer hay for sale. However, there is no obligation for BEC/BMV to do so; and once it does so, there is no obligation for it to continue.

There is no picking through the hay.  If Owner/Boarder is not pleased with BEC/BMV’s hay, they should buy their own.


If hay is provided by BEC/BMV, BEC/BMV charges an additional $1.00 over the actual cost for handling (buying, delivery, loading-in/out) and then an additional $.50 for administration (charging the credit card, depositing check/cash etc) and income over the price of the item.  


Example:  BEC/BMV pays $5.00 for a bale of hay.  It will cost the Owner/Boarder $6.50

$5.00 Price + $1.00 Handling + $.50 Administration (charging credit card or taking from deposit account) and Income = $6.50




Large Indoor:  $125 / Hour plus expenses for heat

Small Indoor:   $ 50 / Hour  

Outdoor:          $100 / Hour


Clean-up during the event:  If horses or other animals are involved, there must be the cleanup of manure as it happens.  If the renter does not have… or does not provide a person whose dedicated responsibility is to pick-up, BEC/BMV will charge $50.00 per hour to be onsite – all the time -- to perform the task.




Drag Arena        $80 first time... $40 per use thereafter on the same day tractor schedule 


Arena Set-up

& Break-down

that restores

the arena to

its original state.         $  50  per hour per person.



Audio System

Set-up & Breakdown  $  50  per hour per person


Equipment Rental:        $ 35  per hour -- Amplifier, mics, two speakers, condenser arena system -- 2-hour minimum.   The clock starts upon picking up the equipment and ends when it is put away. 


Grand Prix Rental via The Inn At Richmond


Fee:  The fee is $150 per hour with a two hour minimum for upstairs; $125 per hour for downstairs; or $250.00 combined for upstairs and downstairs.


This fee does not include setup and cleanup which is at a rate of $50 per person/ hour plus expenses for outside services, if any are needed such as Stanley Steamer for mud pick-up.  The renter is allowed to provide his/her own clean-up so long as the effort is to BEC/BMV’s standard and overall satisfaction.


When the combined $250 rate is further combined with the arena rental of $125 / hour with 2-hour minimum, the overall rate is $350 per hour (vs the $375)  – a savings of $25 / hour.  There is no further discount for a two-hour rental.


However, there are further discounts for half day and full day rates:


Four-hour rental rate (combined rate of $350 x 4 = $1,400) is further discounted to $1,300 -- an additional $100 off or $25 / hour, for an effective rate of $325 / hour

Eight-hour rental rate (combined rate of $350 x 8 = $2,800) is further discounted and additional $25 / hour off the original combined rate of $350, thus the total fee is $2,400


The Grand Prix Penthouse as our highest rental.  It is costly to endure the mud and careless destruction that has occurred over the past horse shows… or in fact any arena show.  For this reason, in addition to the above rates, each arena show will be further evaluated for its impact on the facility, then if necessary surcharged.




The parking of a vehicle on our property is a convenience to boarders.

It has several values to them:


1) It keeps transportation close to the horses to be transported.

2) It does not take up space on their property. 

3) It does not create an eye-sore in their neighborhood... or perhaps even a violation of a     condo or neighborhood association by-law. 


In short, there is a dollar value to the storage:


BEC/BMV Rates are based on type and length of the vehicle.


Horse Trailers and other horse related non-motorized units: 

$2.50/ lineal foot (tongue to back) / month


Horse Vans and other motorized vehicles related to boarders:

$3.00 / linear foot / month


Per our Agreement, parking of vehicles which are designed and/or lettered to state

other than a stable, farm, or ranch name will be considered advertising and priced separately.


Non-horse related advertising will not be allowed.





With Boarder at BEC/BMV 


BEC/BMV get 60% of fee… THE TRAINER 40%.  Copy of insurance liability and workers comp must be produced by the trainer.


Without a Boarder at BEC/BMV

BEC/BMV gets 60% of fee; Trainer gets 40%

There is also a $25 / lesson (up to an hour) non-exclusive use fee for the arena, field, or course.