We have 3 stables which together hold 26 stalls.


The Shaker Barn    The L Barn    The Pony Barn


All barns are well ventilated and have various stall sizes to accommodate breeds

ranging from the diminutive Shetland Pony to the towering Warmblood.


Paddocks surround the barns providing ample turnout.


The Shaker Barn

The Shaker Barn housing our main stable was originally located at the Hancock Shaker Village down the road from BEC and moved to the property in the 1930’s. The barn houses 13 stalls, a wash stall, four grooming stalls, a large heated tack room with individual lockers for our boarders, a lounge area and is connected to a small indoor arena. Our Assistant Barn Manager also resides in an apartment in the building, providing peace of mind for our boarders that someone is always close by.  BEC Trainer’s office – we are a multi-disciplinary stable. Our Trainers offer lessons for students at all skill and ability levels from beginner through advanced in Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage. (Photo at bottom)

                                          The L Barn 

                                                                                                              The L Barn is centrally located on the property and has nine windowed

stalls for cross ventilation. (Photo at bottom)


The Pony Barn

For people preferring a bit more privacy for their equines,

this four stall barn is the perfect choice. (Photo at bottom)

L Barn
Shaker Barn
Pony Barn