Dog Policy


Guests, who are interested in having their dog stay with them on our property, must sign our dog agreement, as shown below, at check-in.  


Guests must know that Massachusetts has a "strict liability" law regarding dog restraint and biting regardless of broken restraints, people attempting to pet guest's  animal/s,  or otherwise.  In short, dog owners are always and absolutely responsible for their pets. 


Additionally, guests must comply with our well-behaved dog policies during their stay at Berkshire Meadow View (BMV) d.b.a The Inn At Richmond... and The Berkshire Equestrian Center, LLC, which is owned by BMV, collectively called  "Tiara Equest."  


We reserve the right to change or terminate our dog policy without notice.  If a guest has already booked a reservation, we will honor it under the terms and conditions which existed at the time of your reservation.


Dog Agreement & Release




Berkshire Meadow View, LLC doing business as The Inn At Richmond, allows dog/s to stay overnight at Tiara Equest; however only in "The Cottage" / Unit #8," which is a stand-alone unit next to The Inn.  However, dogs are not allowed in The Inn, other suites, cottages, apartments, or Grand Prix Penthouse. 


If "The Cottage" / Unit #8 is occupied, or already reserved,  The Inn cannot accommodate your request to stay.  All other units, represented through our worldwide reservation board are publically stated as being  "dog-free."


Though "The Cottage, Unit #8" is the only unit used for guests traveling with dogs, its use is not exclusively so.  Therefore, after a guest's occupancy with a dog, the entire unit is deep cleaned.  Historically, our next guest has not been with a dog.  Therefore, we assess two additional fees to the customary room rate; (1) an initial fee since one overnight requires the same deep cleaning as more overnights, and (2) an on-going daily rate.   The latter is priced per dog.


We allow up to two dogs weighing less than 80 pounds; one dog up to 80 pounds.  There is no size limit for validated law enforcement canines or service dogs.




as a registered guest of The Inn At Richmond, who wishes to have his/her house-trained dog/s stay with him/her in "The Cottage, Unit #8,"  as owner or caretaker of the dog/s, you (Guest) understands and accepts the following:


Dog/s must be housebroken and be at least one-year-old. 


Dog/s must  up-to-date with rabies and distemper shots.  


Dog/s  must be licensed which is proven through tags or papers. 

Dog/s must be bathed and groomed before coming to The Inn.  


Guest is strictly liable for all matters relating to his/her animal; from picking up dog waste... through barking... to biting.  


Guest attests that your dog has never bitten or threatened anyone.


Guest agrees to hold harmless Berkshire Meadow View LLC d.b.a as The Inn At Richmond and The Berkshire Equestrian Center, LLC, collectively branded "Tiara Equest." Further, guest agrees to pay for our legal defense should we become a co-defendant in a complaint caused by your dog,  or guest's handling of his/her dog. Finally, guest represents that you have appropriate liability insurance to financially address any court-ordered award.  


Guest will provide a crate for his/her dog to stay in if there is any chance that Guest's dog/s may damage furnishings.


Guest must have his/her dog/s securely leashed at all times once outside Unit #8, except for run-free-time as defined below.*   Even during a free run period, you are is strictly responsible for your dog/s and required to re-leash your dog/s immediately upon seeing a person or horse within 250 feet.


Guest may not house or care for other people's dog/s in Unit #8,  even if those people are guests at Tiara Equest to prevent confused liability. 


Guest may not bath his/her dog/ in Unit #8's bathtub. 


Guest is not allowed to bring his/her dog when visiting other guests at other guest's Unit, regardless of their acceptance of the dog's presence.  


Guest must provide The Inn a working cell phone number.


Guest understands that should his/her dog/s cause a disturbance while s/he is away from #8,  The Inn will call Guest by phone; and, Guest agrees to return to the Inn immediately to take care of the situation.  If Guest cannot respond within the 45 minutes, guest further understands the BMV may remove his/her pet from Unit #8, if possible, at guest's expense. 


Ultimately, we have the right to ban guest's dog from our property, or demand further restraint for a dog which shows a propensity toward violence which is manifested by snarling, vicious barking, drooling, jumping, pivoting to name a few but not all of the signs.  We will provide only one warning, before demanding Guest's  departure without refund.  Equal lodging laws relate to humans, not dogs.





There will a first-day charge of $35.00 plus a daily $15 charge per for each dog regardless of size.   A maximum of two (2) dog up to 80 pounds or one dog to 80 pounds may reside in the Unit at the same time.  


A refundable damage deposit of $50 per stay is required from owner guests.  The deposit will be returned at check-out contingent on the following:   Guest understands that The Inn will inspect Unit #8 before his/her departure from The Inn to assess the room for excessive dirt, misuse of towels, and damages if any.   Guest agrees to pay the extra charge for cleaning and repair from the deposit.  If the damage is more costly than the deposit, guest agrees to pay the additional amount.   Further,  guest will be financially responsible for the rate of the room for every day it is out of service due to excessive dog odor, dog accidents, or other dog-related issues.




You are responsible...


for any cleaning or replacement of any items stained or damaged by your pet.

for any injury inflicted upon any person by your pet.

for picking up your dog's waste  -- immediately & completely -- after occurrence in designated dog areas.

for being courteous to our other guests who are allergic or not comfortable with dog/s

for excessive barking, or disturbing other guests

for the safety or well-being of your pet.

to make certain that your dog/s is not in any of The Inn's common rooms, meeting rooms, recreational areas including stables

to make certain that your dog/s wear identification collars and tags, which include proof of current vaccinations.




BMV has the right to ask Guest to kennel his/her dog/s or leave if the dog/s disturbs other guests by barking without abatement by you.  No refunds are offered.


BMV provides a pet sheet that must be used to cover your pet’s sleeping area, the bed, and any other furniture on which your pet may climb.


BMV also provides extra paper towels for wet and muddy paws; GUEST TOWELS MUST NOT BE USED TO CLEAN / DRY YOUR DOG/S.