Our Prospective Membership Owner


We know who he, she, they are:

Driven | Busy |  Successful!


Perhaps this is you!

 (3 question at the bottom to know)





They are TIME CONSTRAINED by business/profession/ family and social obligations yet are looking for (even sub-consciously & casually) and will PAY for an affordable (based on travel time and $$$) "safety valve" vacation spot...

or a lifestyle business location in the hub of the Northeastern part of United States.

1.  They like coming to the Berkshire... may have even thought about buying a second home here.

2.  They are successful in their business... so much so that despite desiring an upscale property,

     they recognize their own time constraints in enjoying and maintaining the property. 




3.  They are beyond the fixer-up stage in life... want a turnkey place which provides an easy, seamless get-away, NOW!

4.  They like the casual, unpretentious, colonial equestrian theme of TIARA EQUEST.

5.  They live within 2-4 hours drive... or oppositely from Florida/Kentucky/California or a foreign country which has a          strong horse culture... in addition to artistic cultures.



Add it all up...

Our Prospective Member

likes The Berkshires

plus is

successful and busy and

well beyond the fixer-up stage of life.



Wants a turn-key, drive-in, casual, and relaxed respite.

Wants multiple stays during the year... but has limited vacation time.

Wants to be close to the artistic culture but away from the touristic clutter.

Likes the authentic country colonial equestrian motif vs other more formal ones.

Accepts community equity membership and buys-in more for returning to a familiar place.

Wants the ability to share the membership with family, friends & business associates/prospects.


Further, s/he...

Might be considering the purchase of a Berkshire escape.

Might actually be looking for other properties;

but, remains unsure about the commitment. 

Might also be truly confused with all

the properties on the market

that have random values

as "exclusives" do.





for the price, ease, and value received



 This is because...

Incomparable has no "Comp"arison!

People attempt to "big league" us; asking about ROI.

BUT...    95% of life's expenditures have no $$$ ROI.

Cars, boats, trips, jets 'n' events,  plus a myriad more

have no financial ROI.  It's emotional & experiential.


And, it's because... 

Incomparable has no "Comp"itions!

There are numerous competitors in the B&B market;

but, THERE IS NO COMPETITOR in our Historical

Colonial Equestrian Resort market in the Northeast.


To sum it all up...​

We're not selling a security! 

"We don't manage your money,   

we manage your experience."



We're looking for Members

who desire a colonial equestrian experience

without the compulsion of determining a financial return. 

Our search is just that simple!

To Prospective Owner/s

Questions to ask yourself...


Is it worth doing at all?  

Buying a recreational escape or additional business location in The Central Berkshires,

arguably the core concentration of the region's art, culture, health, wellness, and joie de vivre!


Is it worth doing this way?   

Membership, managed, w 4 wks/yr stays & discounts on more plus event facilities 

vs a sole property, unmanaged, available 365 days, yet with ownership concern, expenses & taxes

vs a DIY fixer-upper at about the same cost as a membership yet requiring time... $$$...

       and still more time, but offering the rewards of accomplishment with ownership concern & expenses.


Is it worth doing NOW? 

Affording the recreational time and cost -- now -- are answers only you can determine.

Informing you about the 10s of million $$$ pouring into our neighboring Berkshire town, Lenox,

is just a part of our responsibility in helping you answer your above three questions.


So... contact us for an easy, no obligation conversation.

Unlike some other sales, we are not offering a premium 

that is better than our product. We're offering real info

on a premium opportunity that's better than our "pitch."