With Fractional Ownership, there are Basic Owner Membership Benefits.

"X" owner share/s entitles one to "X" share/s of Basic Owner Membership Benefits.

Acquire one share… one gets a share’s worth of benefits, i.e. 4 weeks of various units free. 

Buy Acquire multiple shares… one gets the same multiple of 4 free weeks, i.e. 2 shares = 8 weeks.



LLC Ownership 


Ownership of the LLC is absolute:   Ownership relates to one's proprietary interest -- by the entirety -- in Berkshire Meadow View, LLC (BMV LLC) which owns the property and does business under the trade name of TIARA EQUEST. ™ As stated in the Ownership Agreement, ownership in the BMV LLC does not directly give an Owner a vested right to a sub-division or an easement or lien on the property.


LLC Membership 


Basic Owner Membership is a privilege (license) granted through Fractional Ownership.  The concept of a Basic Owner Membership is to provide parity across all Fractional Owners because they are neither all the same nor have all the same desires in ownership.  For these reasons, Supplemental & Class Memberships, such as Equestrian, exist to provide a la carte benefits & privileges for Owners as well as non-owners.


It is KEY to note that the unique underlying concept of a BMV LLC’s Fractional Ownership is the attempt to finance all operational Owners’ annual operating expenses which are high regardless of efficiencies; taxes, insurance, payroll, repairs, and horse facilities maintenance are just some of the costly culprits.   Therefore, there is a TENSION -- an inverse dollar relationship -- between providing benefits to Owners against the desire for freedom from annual dues/assessment.  


In order to relieve or ameliorate the tension, BMV must rely on...


1) Owners’ use the facilities beyond the allotted free stays (i.e. events),

2) Non-Owner memberships presences such as Guest, Social, Equestrian, Business, etc.

3) Non-Member Guests’ use of the units & the property for life and business events such as weddings, conferences, and gatherings.

4) Blocked dates during which Fractional Owners allow the Management to “let the property” to high-dollar buyers… with BRIDES being at the top of the list!


Of course, the enumerated above can disappear upon the 70% majority vote of the Basic Owner Members

who decide that they rather pay annual dues than share their facility. 




Basic Owner Membership Benefits

Basic Owner Membership Benefits are provided for two persons (spouses, lovers, family, and friends).  They are…


  • Four Weeks (28 days) Per Year stay with one week in each season
    The ability  to "moonlight" un-used weeks or days either alone or with BMV LLC

  • The attempt to have expenses paid by non-member rentals during reserved periods.

  • Discounts on additional guest stays and additional rooms stays, based on availability

  • Discounts on event fees and facilities

  • Discounts on all equestrian related events and facilities

  • Enrollment in TIARA EQUEST’S Shared-Office Identity Program.

  • Other Special Membership Benefits which are described further below.

Basic Membership Add-ons


The goal of Basic Owner Membership is to provide parity with all Fractional Owner.  Therefore, there are additional fees for Owners having over the allotted two persons; horses they wish to board, personal and business events that they want to hold, etc.


Extra Fees include but are not limited to…

  • Additional Guests staying in the same unit

  • Concierge Services

  • Additional Parking for...

    • More than two cars per Owner  Member

    • Trucks / Vans / Trailer - Horse & Utility

    • Trailers / Boats /Jet-skis/Snowmobiles

    • RVs & Campers

  • Extra equipment storage (based on availability have space)

  • Any OSHA regulated hazardous materials must be declared. 

  • The Club reserves the right to refuse the temporary storage of the substances.


Other Membership Classes Include


Registered Guest  -- Temporary Membership

Included during normal room / suite /cottage rentals

Breakfast is included


Visitor (Non-Registered Guest) -- Temporary Membership

Enjoy the common Areas in The Inn… Enjoy the Site & Scenery

Breakfast may be purchased at the current rate

Event venues may be rented based on availability.


Social Membership

Enjoy the common Areas in The Inn…

Enjoy the Site & Scenery

Breakfasts after Guest hours at a discount

Events venue at a discount

Book rooms for self or their guests @ a discount

Social Events held by TIARA EQUEST


Business Membership

Enjoy the common Areas in The Inn… Enjoy the Site & Scenery

Breakfasts after Guest hours 

After hour Cocktail Hours

Events at a discount

Booking rooms for self or their guests @ a discount

Social Event sheld by TIA


Equestrian Membership 

Access to Stables, Paddocks & Arenas

Priority at the Equestrian Center based on other Memberships


By design, none of the above memberships will equal in benefits or discounts

those of the Basic Owner Membership granted through Fractional Ownership.