The Purpose of Berkshire Meadow View Limited Liability Company

is to preserve our Colonial Equestrian Stable, Farm & Inn

which thousands of people in the past have enjoyed

and LLC Members will continue to enjoy.


It is the goal of Berkshire Meadow View, LLC, dba Tiara Equest, to operate as a manager-managed LLC

in the style and fashion of a semi-private club, whereby members buy-in once and receive alotted stays

plus other substantial benefits while non-members support the annual expenses through rentals.




The Past...


From the time of King Richard's land-grant over 250 years ago, the land upon which Berkshire Meadow View LLC,  dba "Tiara Equest" exists, has always been a natural, sustainable, farm, and stable.  Since the land-grant was given, houses, barns, and out-building have been added.  Also over the same period, contiguous farms were bought... then separately sold. 


Approximately 25 years ago, the main farmhouse and selected outbuildings were converted to an Inn.  The stables were sublet.  Today, without compromising the farm /stable atmosphere, Tiara Equest resides once again unified on 27 acres in the core of all past farm/stable transitions. 


Current accommodations for humans and horses/animals have been maximized with the exception of approximately 10 acres upon which The LLC has site plans to build three duplexes -- 6 units -- that fit the ambiance of the area if it decides to do so.

This Brings Us To Today...

To assure that the land use of the past carries into the future, Berkshire Meadow View, LLC is opening up membership to the LLC with its existing managers.  The LLC is to be comprised of 75 single-share memberships, in number... not owners, for should a member desire to acquire multiple memberships, the individual or entity could.  The acquisition of a membership is in the limited liability company provides a fractional ownership of the property, plus access and use, as defined, of the property. 



To create an exit path for the current owner -- envisioned incrementally on a one-for-one buy-sell basis.
To keep the property status quo as a quality inn, event location, with a quality stable with virtual office facilities.
To assemble new members into the managed LLC who share the above common goals.

Prospective Members...


We know who they are from their visits at the Inn.  They are busy, successful, and desirous of hassle-free rest and relaxation. 

Time -- not money -- is their "foe."  They are TIME CONSTRAINED by business/profession/family and social obligations.

They are well beyond the fixer-up stage in life... They want a turnkey place providing easy get-away and impressive value.
They like coming to The Berkshires... They may have thought about a second home here... might even be looking at present.

They live within 3 hours drive... Or oddly, they are in Florida, Kentucky or a country appreciative of horse & artistic cultures.



This solicitation for a membership position (part owner) is in the LLC which owns the properties, not the properties, per se.
No land deed will be registered for each fractional owner for no property will be transferred out of The LLC.  This approach is
both cost-effective (thus lowering the offering price) and efficient (allowing a possible future transfer through gift or will).
Each member's "buy-in" will be legally recorded as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Currently, Dunham is the sole member of the LLC.  He will retire his ownership with each new owner's purchase.
In essence, his sole ownership has been divided into seventy-five (75) units of ownership which are offered at $100,000 per unit.

One person or entity may buy more than one membership.  Each membership carries one vote.  Once Dunham has liquidated his ownership, the new owner-members will assume the future direction of the LLC.

By deed, there are two contiguous properties owned by Berkshire Meadow View LLC: 
     1.  A 10-acre parcel upon which Berkshire Meadow View LLC does business as the Inn At Richmond.
     2.  A 17 acres contiguous property upon which Berkshire Meadow View LLC owns The Berkshire Equestrian Center, LLC.
In short, Berkshire Meadow View LLC owns the entire property.


Berkshire Meadow View LLC is a manager-managed LLC with the current managers being Carl M Dunham Jr, Esq. Member Manager, and John David Sottile, General Manager.  They have worked together at Tiara Equest since May 2014.

Owner/ Member offerings are not an "all or nothing" transfer. 

Each member will immediately obtain the benefits of membership as defined

and will be guaranteed those benefits while the present owner holds an interest in the LLC.

Thereafter, the assembled new owners will control the future direction and benefits of the LLC.