Berkshire Meadow View LLC


For Our Ownership /Membership Development




Become a FINDER!   Introduce potential LLC members (individuals, businesses, and other entities) to Berkshire Meadow View, LLC (BMV-LLV) a Manager-managed LLC which owns, operates, and does business under the trademark & name "TIARA EQUEST" International-- the acronym for The Inn At Richmond And berkshire EQUESTrian center. 


As a FINDER, your sole role is to  I-N-T-R-O-D-U-C-E  TIARA EQUEST to potential members -- FRACTIONAL OWNERS, who will also obtain multiple use and stay benefits.  After your intro, we take over the membership process.  Where we are successful in a securing single or multiple memberships,  (about $100,000 per membership) you receive a Finder's Success Fee equal to 2.5% of the negotiated sum, i.e. $2,500 and up. 


No brokers license is required because your role is to strictly to INTRODUCE prospects to LLC.  Further, our membership is not a security:  We are not offering to manage another entity's money... just their recreational or business experience and they can control and individually monetize their membership through our User Agreement


Regards, John David “Johnny” Sottile  General Manager/BMV LLC


Performance-based pay is a proven business practice that rewards individuals for their contribution to business growth.


BMV LLC pays commissions for introductions as a way to compensate third-party individuals and entities for introducing us to new business, thus helping to assure our continued prosperity.  To this end, we have developed our FINDER’S FEE PROGRAM which is now being applied for finding new members to our LLC.


Some people question; "Why not eliminate Finder Fees, and pass the savings along to prospective buyers?"


Our answers are straightforward:


1)  We do pass-on savings if a prospect/buyer comes directly to us through our direct solicitations.

2)  We do not have an extensive sales & marketing group, whose fixed-overhead we would have to continually fund through business earnings.   So basically, it’s the same outcome.  By rewarding our independent FINDERS for their performance-based contributions, we use a cost-effective platform for our success.  Simply stated, we rely on our FINDERS and their referrals for business development.


“If you have connections, we should be connected!” ™




Regardless of the industry, prospects abound.  This is because businesses spend serious money developing (or fighting over) common prospects, when in fact that same time and expense could more efficiently be spent paying FEES to FINDERS who identify qualified prospects which they know from their own advertising, prospecting, business associations, conferences, social gatherings, and other ways.   The truth is that qualified referrals are the best form of new business and they may also have economic worth elsewhere. 


Still, individuals and entities ask, "Whom do you know who would be interested in acquiring my whatever?"

Let’s be honest...   These are beggars seeking free referrals, which have cost you time and money to develop.


We work differently.  We don't just ask and thank you for your referral.


WE COMPENSATE YOU through our formal FINDER’S FEE PROGRAM that you will like!


We call it

“Gratitude & Greenbacks”


Here’s the scoop:  Refer qualified Prospects, which we will protect for you by our signing a Non-circumvention Agreement with the added promise to use your lead only once... and for the purpose which we describe.  If we successfully contract with your lead within the time frame described (to prevent conflicts over stale leads),  YOU earn the fee as described in our mutually signed FINDER’S FEE AGREEMENT. 


Gratitude is good.  “Greenbacks” are better. 

Both, together, are The Best!


Anyone can become an Authorized Finder; but, rules apply as you will read in our Finder’s Fee Agreement. 

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:


  • Contact us to "meet."  When done, if all is copacetic to that point, we will provide access to our FINDER'S FEE AGREEMENT.

  • Read. Understand. Complete. Accept. Return our FINDER’S FEE AGREEMENT.  We will immediately accept it without changes.

  • Submit quality leads to us as we define.  Initially, BMV LLC will pay pennies for these leads; the importance is that you and BMV LLC create a separate transaction which takes you out of controlling the sale of what is now our "acquired" lead.  It is a legal finesse that protects both parties!  (Prospect lists are sold every day.)


BMV LLC will then work with your lead/s on the single purpose mentioned in our mutual NCA.  If we are successful and when we are paid, you will earn the balance... as it will be 2.5% or $2,500 for a Basic Membership and up 2.5% for a fully negotiated sale 






So, even if you are interested, but remain uncertain, sign up because “If you have “connections,” we should be connected.”


Also, remember your network by using the familiar “two-deep” call, i.e. your contact(s) calling his/her contact(s).   However, note… we pay only one FINDER’S FEE; so how you compensate your down-line contact/s, which we call Facilitators, is your business.


You will operate as an Independent Contractor, being responsible for paying any taxes due to the IRS.  We will not withhold taxes from your earned FINDER'S FEE, we will send you an IRS 1099 in January of the year following the year of payment and will report this fee. to the IRS in compliance with federal law.


As a FINDER, you can have no part in selling, negotiating, and/or structuring the sale. 

That can only be between your referred Prospect and us.  How good can it get?

Just register a lead, and then let us do the heavy lifting.

If we close it, you receive a significant Finder’s Fee.


There is no limit to the number of qualified prospects that you can refer; however, we seek only the best.  Here is why this is important to you:  We will quickly determine a success factor from your lead(s) which will prioritize our attention to your future leads.


I hope to hear from you.    




                John David "Johnny" Sottile,  

               General Manager / BMV LLC

                                                        There are Four Cornerstones in our Finder’s Fee Program.


1) Know your limits.          3) Represent us accurately.   

2) Register your leads.      4) Understand our compensation.


 Of course, there is an unstated fifth... Enjoy working with us.


If you know prospects in the high-end, residential/business, equestrian markets,

I encourage you to take advantage of our Finders Fee Program





between federal securities laws*  where some indirectly apply,

and are strictly interpreted to determine the FINDER’S actions

as a finder or broker, and some state laws that simply allow.**







A FINDER is an individual or entity, operating as an independent third party, who assists a person or company, through introductions, in raising capital-or-kind to finance or buy-in to a company’s project.  Anyone can be a FINDER providing he/she/it does not exceed SEC rules that would otherwise require the FINDER to obtain an SEC license as a broker, which the SEC defines as “any person engaged in the business of effecting transactions in securities for the account of others and self”  


Case law has established that broker registration is not necessary for a “mere” finder.  Courts have ruled that no license is required to simply introduce two parties.  Even Massachusetts (which is heavy on regulation) has determined that no license is required to simply introduce two parties.


Massachusetts:  The Appeals Court has stated that a FINDER brings together parties for a transaction, while a Broker is involved in negotiations. Further, Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 259, section 7 ** requires that all Finder’s Fees must be set out in writing, or it will be void and unenforceable.


Strictly stated, a FINDER’S only job is to introduce companies to monied individuals or entities which are willing to buy or invest in a project.  FINDERS cannot entice or recommend a deal nor negotiate any part of the financing terms.  However, a FINDER can reference published company documents that have general terms and conditions.



Brokers negotiate the arrangements.



**   The Uniform Securities Act 401 & Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 259, Section 7)

Section 7: Agreements to pay compensation for service as a broker or finder; necessity of writing   Any agreement to pay compensation for service as a broker or finder or for service rendered in negotiating a loan or in negotiating the purchase, sale or exchange of a business, its good will, inventory, fixtures, or an interest therein, including a majority of voting interest in a corporation, shall be void and unenforceable unless such agreement is in writing, signed by the party to be charged therewith, or by some other person authorized. For the purpose of this section, the term ''negotiating'' shall include identifying prospective parties, providing information concerning prospective parties, procuring an introduction to a party to the transaction or assisting in the negotiation or consummation of the transaction. The provisions of this section shall apply to a contract implied in fact or in law to pay reasonable compensation but shall not apply to a contract to pay compensation for professional services of an attorney-at-law or a licensed real estate broker or real estate salesman acting in their professional capacity


If you remain interested in becoming a Finder,

please contact us by phone or email.    We will

talk and provide you with the password to our




Click the above link





A fee paid to a FINDER for INTRODUCING a prospective money source

who ultimately transact with the party issuing the fee.


FINDERS are customarily compensated through a performance-based FINDER’S FEE for finding whatever is sought, from money to objects.  In Massachusetts, a FINDER’S FEE agreement must be in writing and accepted by the FINDER then the OFFERER for the FINDER to claim his/her/its fee or reward.


FINDER fee arrangements vary, ranging from fractional percentages of the total value found – perhaps in cash or kind.  Optionally, a flat fee may be agreed upon.  Other creative arrangements are valid as well.


Some FINDERS seek a little piece of the company or at least a manager title as well.  This request is not solely motivated by greed, for by being “a part” of the company offering the fee, the FINDER circumvents the potential negotiating prohibition since owners/ manager can directly represent themselves.


Regardless of the arrangement, a FINDER'S FEE is not earned until the money which is found is contractually committed and collected or performed in the case of barter.  Normally, the FINDER is paid at the time of this transaction and can be present for the closing. 


Unless otherwise noted, there is no requirement of the company to accept the found money.  In situations where there is more than one FINDER seeking funds for a company, the first to the table normally rules.  However, the entity issuing the FEE reserves the right to select the whom it desires.   


Customarily, up-front fees are not paid to a FINDER unless the FINDER can post past performance charts as a proven professional FINDER, which can be verified through diligence.