Destination Weddings


Destination Weddings provide quality time
for reunions and vacations wrapped around your wedding...

a great way to start your new life together

surrounded by family & friends.



DESTINATION WEDDINGS:  There are two fee components to our Destination Weddings:

ROOM and SITE.  Room fees are for all rooms at our published rates.  Wedding parties must take all the rooms so that they can take enjoy our Wedding Campus of which the Inn is the center.  Our Site Fee reflects additional direct and indirect costs which we incur through the delivery of your wedding (increased lawn care under a tent, for example), plus a reasonable "reward" for our efforts.  Without the latter, we may as well book all the rooms to tourists who do not require the detailed attention which weddings require.



DESTINATION WEDDINGS  -- Come.  Stay. Enjoy easy-livin' on our Colonial Equestrian Estate.


Our SIGNATURE WEDDING is a Two Day -- 48+ hours to be exact -- DESTINATION WEDDING where the bride, groom, parents, and wedding party arrive on Friday afternoon and are provided a late check-out (5:00 pm) on Sunday.  During the time in between, our Inn, designated barns, lawns, etc are available for use.  Typically use includes a rehearsal, a rehearsal party, a fire pit gathering, a casual start to the wedding day with the intensity picking up around 2:00 p.m, with wedding guests arriving 3:30 pm for the 4:00 pm ceremony... then on to cocktails / photos... dinner... reception in our Flag Barn.  Being a Bed & Breakfast, all guests staying at the Inn are daily offered a hardy country breakfast consisting of fruits and juices, yogurts, hot and cold cereals, various breads, plus a hot entree which may be eggs, French Toast or some other offering... of which all can be the combined with additional items for a complete post-wedding brunch.


In short, we provide the venue for a fabulous time in a Colonial Equestrian setting.  Your wedding is not over in just the customary four hours, but it is over a relaxing forty-eight-hour weekend in season and a twenty-four-hour stay out of season. 


How often will you ever again have a two day -- or even a one day -- opportunity to spend quality time with your family, your new in-law family, and dearest friends, of whom perhaps some came from a great distance?  Our Destination Wedding Package is your opportunity to do so resulting in your ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience.  Destinations Weddings provide irreproducible times!

In Season:  (Thursday before Memorial Day through Thursday after Columbus Day)



Two Day, 48 Hour Weekend / Weekday Long Destination Package

*   Requires a whole property, two-night commitment at In Season Rates.

*   Tents may only be erected on our lawns "In Season," hence...   <<< NOTE

*   Weddings with 100 or more people must be booked In Season    <<< NOTE

*   Maximum headcount limit is up to 200 people in a tent provided by the wedding party


Out Season: (Friday after Columbus Day through Wednesday before Memorial Day, excluding holidays which are In Season)



One Day, 24 Hour Weekend / Weekday Destination Package

*   Requires one-night commitment at Off-Season Rates... however, a 50-Hour package may be acquired.

*   Maximum head-count limit up to 100 people in The Flag Barn

*   Destination Weddings having 100 or fewer people may be booked throughout the year;

       - less than 25 people may be held in the Main House Common Areas  or Flag Barn:

       - above 25 people in the Flag Barn: 




Destination Weddings Include...



1. TIME:  Use of The INN, as defined; two whole days -- actually from 12:00 noon Friday - 5:00 PM Sunday, unless otherwise arranged due to a three-day, holiday weekend.


2.  PROPERTY:  Use of all public common areas of The INN -- Library, Terrace Sun-room, Parlor, Dining area (by Massachusetts Law, the kitchen is off-limits) -- the guest rooms in the main house, cottages, and annex, Flag Barn, L Barn sitting area, the Terrace Garden, and lawns surrounding The INN. 


3.  DESTINATION DISCOUNTED RATE:  To encourage traveling to your Destination Wedding,  wedding party and guests who are scheduled to stay at The Inn for the duration of the Destination Wedding will be given a 50% discount off existing room rates for up to four days prior to the start of the Destination Wedding, i.e. one could stay Monday through Thursday at half rate!  No other discount can apply.


4.  ADMINISTRATION:  There is no extra percentage charge for "administration," which is a broad term for all the coordination which occurs between the bridal party and The INN.  This includes but is not limited to return visits with relatives, wedding party and friends plus vendors such as florists, entertainers, photographers, and videographers.


5.  STAFF & GRATUITIES:  The Inn's contact person/s, event and parking staff are included.  There is no gratuity charge; however, a gratuity for a "job well done" is always welcomed and appreciated.  


6.  TENT SPACE:  Up to 60'x80' 40'x100' tent space on our front and mid-lawn space, respectively.


7.  FULL BREAKFAST / BRUNCH:  The Inn provides a full hot breakfast each day for all registered room guests.  The breakfast the day after the wedding may be delayed to become a brunch with additional food supplemented through caterers' leftover food. 


8.  FIREPIT;  The Inn builds and maintains a fire pit to be used on Friday evenings. from 9:00 pm to 11:pm.  


9.  PHOTOS;  The Inn provides candid of perhaps the more memorable moments of your wedding -- the day before the wedding when relatives, friends, and classmates reunite when corresponding parents of the bride and groom really get to know each other for the first time... when everyone is in a relaxed mood... and when the end of the weekends seems a distant thought. 


10. SOUND SYSTEM:  The Inn makes available an appropriately-sized sound system for music during or after the rehearsal dinner


11. COMPLIMENTARY 1st ANNIVERSARY STAY:  Correct!  On or about the First Anniversary of the bride and groom, we will provide the room of their choice for up to two nights -- depending upon availability at the time of the reservation and limited by the possibility that due to other weekend weddings, all rooms may be reserved.


12. PREFERENTIAL OFFERS:  Over the time leading up to your wedding and the wedding itself, TIARA EQUEST will become to feel "like home" -- as well we intend it to feel.    We are honored that you have chosen to make us a part of your lives and memories. Therefore, as a part of our growing number of wedding families, we intend to continually thank you with offers exclusive to all who have wed a TIARA EQUEST. 


13. MOST FAVORED REFERRAL FEES:  Of course we appreciate unsolicited testimonials on social media sites.  They may influence other couples to have a wedding with us.  However, because you have wed on our property, we want to share in your direct referrals who, too, come to wed on our property.  Therefore, we have developed a tiered referral program to which we will always extend to you our "most-favored" -- BEST -- benefit.  It is generous!   We think of its dividend to off-set your wedding "investment" in our wedding program.  If one feels that this fee is not necessary -- that no repayment is required -- we will happily donate this amount to an authorized 501-c3 charity of your choice which is listed as two-star and above on Charity Navigator.  Or, if there is no preference, we will donate your fee in your name to one of our choices which currently are children-related St Jude's Children's Hospital; country-related Wounded Warriors; international community-related Heifer International; or equestrian/athletic-related Christopher Reeves Spinal Cord Injury. 


The Destination Weddings

does not include...



14. ENTRANCE:   There is no entrance into or use of stables, indoor / outdoor arenas, corrals, and use of horses of which most are privately owned and boarded.  

They are not our property; however, their safekeeping is our responsibility. 


15. SECURITY DEPOSIT:  There is of $500 per day Security Deposit that will be refunded upon inspection of the property which will occur either the day after the wedding or within the first day thereafter. The Security Deposit amount does not limit The Inn's recourse to the contracting party for loss, damages, or clean-up

beyond the deposit amount. 



* Extra Wedding night fire pit

* Corral clean-up should wedding party desire to be married in a corral  

* Use of a non-listed wedding location on the property

* Moving chairs and tables in an effort to save rental fees.

* Any other matter or delivery not mentioned in inclusions