Seeing Is Believing

Our Terrace Garden at the back of The Inn. Tents may be placed on either side of it.


Presented in this website are our wedding packages. 

They range from our

Signature 48+ Hour, Weekend-Long Destination Wedding

down to our 1-Hour Wayside Wedding.  



Seeing Is Believing


However, the best way to put your value into our words, photos, and websites is to personally visit TIARA EQUEST.  Once on the property, one quickly sees our "Wedding Campus" and can envision their wedding happening.   

We love to showcase our offerings; therefore, look forward to hosting your visit. 

Of course, there is no obligation or uncomfortable pressure. 


We basically "fix-price" our wedding packages.  There are no  additional fees which are often charged by other venues.  For examples, we have no per person charges for extra wedding guests, no "administration" fee to cover multiple visits by the bride, groom, photographers, videographers etc., and we have no gratuities, though they are appreciated when we exceed your expectations.  There are a few possible add-ons for requests which are non-standard, such as getting married in a corral that requires a thorough clean-up and the re-scheduling of horses using it.  Otherwise, there are only additional sales and occupancy taxes which we have to collect. 


The Inn can handle weddings up to 160 - 200 people.  We have two standard sites for tents of which the largest tent can be 40'x100 and/or 60'x80.  Both are next to the Main House and are on either side of our Terrace Garden,  Tent rentals -- chairs, tables, linens and more -- are the bride/grooms responsibility.  We attempt to provide brides/grooms their favorite lawn.  However, due to Mother Nature, season, and site use, we reserve the right to "rest" a lawn, and move to another acceptable site. 


The economical number of guests for a modest-sized wedding is 90-100 people.  This is because we can accommodate that head-count in the Flag Barn.  In short, there is no tent rental. Further, the use of the Flag Barn -- however used and how many times in our Destination Wedding (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, family meeting etc.) -- is already included in Destination Weddings. The Flag Barn is heated for cool May / June / September / October evenings.  The Flag Barn is also available as single venue site for Wayside Weddings or other events.


Food and alcohol catering is the choice and responsibility of the bride/groom. We have caterers whom we can recommend, if you are interested.  We require that the food servers have a Serve-Safe manager on deck and that the bartenders be Tips Certified.  The entire property is smoke-free except for limited designated areas.


Photographers, videographers, florists, etc. are the choice and responsibility of the wedding party.


By our Wedding Agreement, The Inn maintains the superior position among all other vendors.  After all, ours is the only vendor name which is on the invitation.  Further, once on our property, guests perceive or attribute our involvement in every detail, though in fact we attempt to share the credit with the vendors selected by the wedding party.  Therefore, all vendors must be approved by us.  Our approval is not unreasonably withheld providing they carry liability insurance that indemnifies the Inn & Owner.  Also, since the bride/groom, are inviting their guests on our property, we require that the bride / groom carry liability insurance (approximately $110/day) for each day that they are at TIARA EQUEST.  Finally, we require a security deposit which we hopefully can return after our damage-free inspection.


All the above and more is detailed in our Wedding Agreement which is our mutual blueprint for your great event and experience.