Wayside Weddings


Wayside Weddings are elegant & affordable...

They are ideal for ceremonies up to one hundred people... 

 and perfect for second marriages & re-commitments!


There is one fee component to our Wayside Wedding;  

Site Fee which is specific for the venue and time contracted.


"Drive in with anticipation;

drive out with a new life and a memorable experience."



General Features


*   No overnight requirement, therefore there are no seasonal or daily rate changes 

*   May be held in the Main House Common Areas

Noon until 8:00 PM if less than 25 people, or Flag Barn --

Noon until 8:00 PM, which provides for 4 or 8-hour events, if 25 up to 100 attendees.

*   Headcount limits are based upon physical space... people sitting... bad weather which keeps guests inside.

*   Stand-up events such as cocktail parties only... open hour receptions, etc. may hold more guests.  Discuss with The Inn. 

*   Wayside Weddings are scheduled weekdays and weekends In Season; and whenever desired Out Season, both depending on room availability.


Various Packages


Eight Hours 

*   Twice the normal time provided by hotels and reception halls!  This is basically a full-day use of our Wedding Campus  

*   A generous duration --  Noon to 8:00 p.m.  or  1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for your relaxed pre-ceremony gathering, wedding, and reception





>> Size limit up to 99 people in The Flag Barn & Surrounding Wedding Campus                                                   

>>  Size limit beyond 100 people requires a tent for dinner which is the responsibility of the wedding party; the Flag Barn is still included.  So with a tent, the fee is 


>>  Size limit up to 50 people -- depending on the function --in All Main House Common Areas & Surrounding Wedding Campus                        


Four Hours  

*   The customary time for a pre-ceremony gathering, wedding, and three-hour cocktail hour and reception 

*   Flexible start-time from Noon to 5:00 PM so that the event ends no later than 9:00 PM.    


>>  Size limit up to 100 people in The Flag Barn & Surrounding Wedding Campus 
$1,600  plus applicable taxes 


>>  Size limit up to 24 people in All Main House Common Areas & Surrounding Wedding Campus   

$1,000  plus applicable taxes


Two Hours

Back-out a normal wedding's 1 hr for photos,  then toasts, tinkling glasses and first dances; what do you have?  2 Hours!!

Have a brief gathering and ceremony, and still have an hour-and-a-half reception.  Sweet!  


>>  Size limit up to 12 people in The Main House Library, Garden Room & Terrace --

if weather permits   


One Hour Elopement! 

*   Bring in properly filed and "aged" (there is a 3-day waiting period) Massachusetts license filed with the Town of Richmond, we'll solemnize your marriage!

Neither time nor budget should prevent holding your marriage in "the grand manner," or in this case, "Our Grand Manor!"


*   Walk in... exchange legal "I dos"... and still have 45 minutes to enjoy toasting to your new life!

This is a private ceremony limited to the wedding couple, bridesmaid, and best man.


>>  Size limit up to 4 people in The Main House Library, Garden Room & Terrace, if weather permits.  



Wedding photos taken by The Inn, if desired, are provided unedited without charge... sent by email.  If you prefer professional photography, we can recommend names for your selection.


Background gathering, wedding, and reception music is provided without charge.

If you prefer a DJ to play selected music, we can recommend one.
If you prefer live music,

        for the Main house you may hire up to a trio providing all are unamplified except electronic keyboard;

        for the Flag Barn, you may hire a band of your choice with amplification.


If you want or need more event time, select the next larger package or add $100 per hour, if booked before the event, or

        $150 / hour if "overtime" is bought during the event providing that time is available and it does not bother Inn guests.

        Either way, additional event time is acquired in whole-hour increments only.


If you want or need additional guests above packages #7 and #8 limits but below the physical limit, add $25 per person. 


Rooms can supplement the above wedding packages depending upon availability.

Wayside Weddings



Wayside Wedding Include



1. TIME:  Use of The INN, or Flag Barn as contracted.


2.  PROPERTY:  If The Inn is chosen, your use of all public common areas of The INN as defined above by the package -- Parlor, Library, Terrace Sun-room, Dining area, and Terrace Garden,  By Massachusetts Law, the kitchen is off-limits unless the Inn's ServSafe Food Manager is present and unless his or her instructions are followed.  If The Flag Barn, is chosen, your use of The Flag Barn, Parlor, Terrace Garden, and areas surrounding the Flag Barn. 


3.  ADMINISTRATION:  There is no extra percentage charge for "administration," which is a broad term for all the coordination which occurs between the bridal party and The INN.  This includes but is not limited to return visits with relatives, wedding party, and friends plus vendors such as florists, entertainers, photographers, and videographers.


4.  STAFF & GRATUITIES:  The Inn's contact person/s, event and parking staff are included.  There is no gratuity charge; however, a gratuity for a "job well done" is always welcomed and appreciated.  


5.  PHOTOS;  The Inn provides unedited candid photos of the event.  We attempt to capture the important moments.  However, because our primary focus is on other tasks such as coordination with caters, if any, we do not guarantee their capture. 


6.  SOUND SYSTEM:  The Inn makes available an appropriately-sized sound system for music during the event in the Main House.  We also have appropriate wedding music for the ceremony and event.


7. PREFERENTIAL OFFERS:   We are honored that you have chosen to make us a part of your lives and memories. Therefore, as a part of our growing number of wedding families, we intend to continually thank you with offers exclusive to all who have wed a TIARA EQUEST. 


8. MOST FAVORED REFERRAL FEES:  We appreciate unsolicited testimonials, especially on social media sites.  They may influence other couples to have a wedding with us.  However, because you have wed on our property, we want to share in your direct referrals who come to wed on our property.  Therefore, we have developed a tiered referral program to which we will always extend to you our "most-favored" -- BEST -- benefit.  It is generous!   We think of it as a dividend to off-set your wedding "investment" in our wedding program.  If one feels that this fee is not necessary -- that no repayment is required -- we will happily donate this amount to an authorized 501-c3 charity of your choice which is listed as two stars and above on Charity Navigator.  Or, if there is no preference, we will donate your fee in your name to one of our choices which currently are children-related St Jude's Children's Hospital... country-related Wounded Warriors... international community-related Heifer International... equestrian/athletic-related Christopher Reeves Spinal Cord Injury... horse-related, New Bolton Center / University of Pennsylvania.



Wayside Wedding Site Fee

does not include...


9.  ENTRANCE:   There is no entrance into or use of the stables, indoor/outdoor arenas, corrals, and use of horses of which most are privately owned and boarded.  They are not our property; however, their safekeeping is our responsibility. 


10. SECURITY DEPOSIT:  There is of $500 Security Deposit that will be refunded upon inspection of the property which will occur either after the wedding or within the first day thereafter.  The Security Deposit amount does not limit The Inn's recourse to the contracting party for loss, damages, or clean-up beyond the deposit amount.



* Our moving chairs and tables in an effort for you to save additional rental fees.

* Any other matter or delivery not mentioned in inclusions.