Wedding Agreement


We think of our Wedding Agreement as our mutual blueprint

for your great event and experience. 




We have developed a Standard Wedding Agreement which defines both our mutual commitments to perform as well as details of your wedding.  For a wedding date to be permanently booked at Tiara Equest, we offer the following courtesy:




Upon the bride's and/or groom's initial inspection of Tiara Equest, assuming date availability, we hold the property for 72 hours without a deposit, providing there is sufficient, expressed interest from the bride and/or groom to return within that 3 day period to make a final decision, which is evidenced by the signing of our Standard Wedding Agreement and by the payment of the appropriate deposit or full amount depending upon the wedding package and or time before the event.  To provide adequate time to review our Agreement, we email it to the initial visitor/s immediately after our first meeting so that it can be circulated to parents, planner, or lawyer if desired.  This immediate action provides three days for review.


Upon the signing of our Agreement and deposit payment, we will extend another 72 hour period as a rescission period for the bride/groom to renege.  We do not want to host any wedding where there is "buyer's remorse."  After the second 72 hours has lapsed without cancellation, our License Agreement is permanently finalized.


All wedding packages carry a 180 day cancellation policy returning 50% of the total fees due.  If an event is booked within 180 days there is no cancellation refund. 


NOTE:  A failure of the first visitor to return before the first 72 hours duration, automatically releases our hold on their dates.  Should another wedding party desire those same dates, we will offer them.  If the visitor return before another wedding party has been given the dates via the above process, we will gladly offer them back, but without the initial 72 hour period and without the 72 hour rescission period, for we will assume that the bride/groom/signer, have done diligence and come to the final conclusion that we are their selection.  In short, a second visit under the foregoing scenario is a firm acceptance of our Agreement and defined payment requirement. 




We accept all payments by check or cash. 


DESTINATION & WAYSIDE WEDDINGS: We require 50% down at Agreement signing if the event is beyond 180 days of signing; and 50% one month prior to the wedding.  If the panned wedding is within 180 day, we require full payment to hold the date. 


WAYSIDE WEDDINGS:       We require full payment at Agreement signing.